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River and Me Book Series

Meet River

Meet River is the first story of this collection. River is a little tiger cub who loves to read, play and meet new friends. So meet River, become his friend and have fun.

Inside River and Me Meet RiverInside River and Me Meet RiverInside River and Me Meet RiverInside River and Me Meet River

River and Me

Around The Seasons is the second story of this collection. Join Tiger River and his friends as they journey through the year exploring different seasons.


Get The Same Story In Coloring Book Form


River and Me Around The Seasons Coloring Book

Includes the complete story in coloring book form.

It’s bigger than the storybook, so it makes it easier for kids to color.

 Coloring Book PageColoring Book Page2

River and Me Bible Guide

It’s a book for both parents and children.  Read straight from the Bible as Tiger River takes you through some of the most popular stories in the Bible.
Stories like: David and Goliath, Noah’s Ark, Jonah and The Whale, and many more.
All Bible text is from the King James Bible.




Bible Word Search For Kids Contains the complete book of James. Every verse and every chapter. A fun way to get young people to read the Bible. Each word search puzzle has a bonus trivia question. Search for the words, then you can test on Bible knowledge. The book starts with the first chapter of James and continues until the end. Compliments Bible study, Sunday School, youth group and youth ministry materials. You can teach the book of James and have fun word search puzzles to complete along the way. There is also bonus coloring pages between the chapters and at the end of the book. We trust you will enjoy studying the book of James with this word search puzzle book.

James Word Search

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July 2017
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Breana Pope grew up in a Christian home, which was a big farm-house with a brother and a sister.
She was the youngest of The Pope Family, and loved every minute of it.
She was homeschooled and loved being homeschooled.
Before, after and often times during,
she brought her imaginary friends with her to school.
When she was six years old she developed a love for writing,
especially about her best tiger stuff animal, named River.
As time went on Breana kept writing.
She found it very enjoyable.
But it wasn't till summer of 2013 that her first story from when she was a child,
became published.
Breana has many stories pending, and hoping to get published.
But for now she's following the will of The Lord, and is focusing on publishing River and Me stories.

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